Amazon Quick Linker plugin for bbPress

This plugin allows for posting links to Amazon by wrapping keywords in [amazon][/amazon] or <amazon></amazon>

=== Amazon Quick Linker ===
Tags: amazon, bbcode
Contributors: geekjon
Requires at least: Unknown
Tested up to: 1.0alpha2
Stable Tag: 0.3

Allows posting links to Amazon by wrapping keywords in [amazon][/amazon] or <amazon></amazon>

== Description ==

== Installation ==

Upload AmazonQuickLinker.php to your /my-plugins/ directory.

== Configuration ==

The locale can be changed to either US or UK and links will go to the respective Amazon site.

Open the AmazonQuickLinker.php in a text editor and change the following line accordingly:

$locale = "US"; // You can currently change the Amazon site to US or UK

Download Amazon Quick Linker

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  1. jaba | 08 Jul 2009 @ 23:50 #

    does this plugin still work? i wanna use it

  2. Jon | 09 Jul 2009 @ 5:34 #

    This plugin still works with bbPress v1.0-alpha-6, but I haven’t tried it on anything higher than that.


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