17 January 2007 @ 10:44Twas an iPod Christmas

For Christmas, I was given a black 30GB iPod by my wonderful girlfriend. It is an awesome piece of hardware. I had used my friend’s 60GB 5G model, so I wasn’t unaccustomed to the operation. I promptly bought a Belkin case for it, as I’ve seen how easily iPods can become scratched.

I only have a couple gripes so far. First, I would think it would be in Apple’s best interest to settle on a “universal” format for the drive. I know that if you setup your iPod on a Windows machine, it will be formatted for Windows, and if you setup your iPod on a Mac, it will be Macintosh formatted. A Mac can read a Windows-formatted iPod, but a Windows computer cannot read a Macintosh-formatted iPod. So, it would seem that all iPods should come out of the box formatted for Windows. There is a downside to a Windows-formatted iPod. It seems to be much slower to mount the drive on a Mac.

The other problem in this “format” situation is that a Mac cannot format an iPod for Windows, and vice-versa. My girlfriend’s sister also received an iPod for Christmas, but she is a Windows user. This means that we didn’t want to setup her iPod on any of our Macs, because when she arrived back at home, her iPod would be unreadable by her Windows computer. Hence my argument that Apple should settle on a “universal” format for the iPods.

My other complaint is that the iPod won’t output a 16:9 aspect ratio signal to a 16:9 television. Instead, what it does is sends a 4:3 signal with top and bottom matting. What you end up with on a 16:9 television is a small picture with a black border on all four sides. Some televisions have a zoom feature to overcome this; some don’t. Mine is the latter.

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  1. betta | 26 Jan 2007 @ 12:06 #

    Seems like the highlight/pro of the iPod is who it comes from. :-)

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