8 October 2008 @ 15:15V12 RC Car Engine

Remember the V8 engine made out of LEGO’s? That was impressive, but this small-scale V12 replica built by Ralf Drendel is even more impressive. In other words, it will actually make an RC car go, and undoubtedly go fast. The design of this engine is quite nice, and the sound is very nice for such a small engine. Check out the video below.

Some specs:
12-cylinder, 4-stroke V-engine with two camshafts below, mixed lubrication and air cooling.
21 mm bore stroke 21 mm Displacement 87 cm³ engine capacity to 7.25 cc per cylinder.
Compression ratio of 1:10
950 – 5000 rpm

For more information, visit Ralph Drendel’s website.

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  1. dominikstoller | 12 Oct 2012 @ 18:59 #

    are you guys every going to sell that min v12 engine if so then give me a price

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