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8 October 2008 @ 15:15V12 RC Car Engine

Remember the V8 engine made out of LEGO’s? That was impressive, but this small-scale V12 replica built by Ralf Drendel is even more impressive. In other words, it will actually make an RC car go, and undoubtedly go fast. The design of this engine is quite nice, and the sound is very nice for such [...]
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Badge City "Heat" 1:16 Scale Police Car with Light and Sounds Radio-Controlled Vehicle
Mfc: Jada Toys
Brand: Badge City Heat
Store:  WalMart
This Badge City "Heat" Radio-Controlled Police Car offers a realistic experience with exciting lights and sounds. Badge City "Heat" 1:16 Scale Police [more info..]

Radio-Controlled Car Experiments (Cool Science Projects with Technology)
Mfc: Enslow Publishers
Price: $31.93
Store:  Amazon

Kid Connection Radio-Controlled Racing Car
Brand: Kid Connection
Store:  WalMart
The Kid Connection Radio-Controlled Racing Car is a great first RC car for your child. Kid Connection Radio-Controlled Racing Car: 1:20 scale Forward, [more info..]

KG Racer Hot Shot Radio-Controlled Car
Mfc: Kid Galaxy
Brand: KG Racer
Price: $14.82
Store:  WalMart
The KG Racer Hot Shot Radio-Controlled Car is a full-function racecar that runs easily on tabletops, carpet, driveways and more, providing tons of fun [more info..]

Bluetooth Porsche 1:16 Radio-Controlled Car
Mfc: Silverlit
Brand: Bluetooth Porsche
Price: $79.97
Store:  WalMart
This radio-controlled car is designed to run like no other — using the power of your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone as the remote control. Just down [more info..]
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