24 August 2007 @ 14:37iPhone unshackled!

The folks at iPhoneSIMfree.com claim to have unlocked the iPhone, and in doing so have made it possible to use with some other carriers — not just AT&T. Engadget is also backing up these claims.

Apple Store

According to the site, iPhoneSIMfree.com will begin selling licenses for the software sometime next week. What? You thought it would be a free download?

Another separate individual, George Hotz, has unlocked an iPhone as well, but his method is more complicated and involves soldering.

I am going to sit back and watch how all this unfolds. You see, it is not an uncommon practice for developers to use registration keys and product activation in an attempt to cut down on piracy. Apple, at the moment, will most likely try their hardest to prevent the iPhone from being used on networks other than AT&T’s per the terms of the Apple/AT&T agreement. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next iPhone update will cripple the unlocked iPhones, or simply won’t update them.

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