5 September 2007 @ 13:13Apple Special Event

Highlights from today’s event:

Over 500,000 ringtones available through iTunes priced at $0.99 plus the song price (total $1.98)

A new version of iTunes will be available tonight for ringtone support.

shuffles.jpgMore colors available in the iPod shuffle lineup.

(PRODUCT)RED shuffle


nano now has 2″ 320×240 screen

All metal nano design, now supports games and video, and has more storage capacity.

nanos.jpgCover Flow is on the nano now — works with music and video.

Games on nano include Vortex and Sudoku

Jobs touts nano battery life — 24 hours audio, 5 hours video playback

4GB comes in silver at $149 and 8GB in all colors for $199

New nano ships today

classics.jpgNew iPod classic starts at 80GB

full metal design, even thinner

80GB sells for $249 and the $160GB for $349

the 160GB iPod has 40 hours of audio playback or 7 hours of video playback

iPod classic has a new interface

iPod classic ships today and will be in stores “soon”

touch.jpgiPhone-like iPod called “iPod touch” has same 3.5″ screen size as iPhone with multi-touch interface but is thinner than the iPhone

iPod touch has WiFi 802.11b/g

Safari is included on the iPod touch. This is a first for a portable music player

YouTube channel is also available on the iPod touch

iPod touch uses the standard iPod connector

iPod touch is capable of 22 hours audio playback or 5 hours video playback

iPod touch comes in 8GB or 16GB capacities

iPod touch available in a few weeks at $299 and $399

One more thing…

iphone.jpgiTunes WiFi music store; free previews of any song in the store on the iPod touch and the ability to buy from the iPod touch

iTunes WiFi music store will be available for the iPhone later this month

Partnership with Starbucks allows you to buy whatever song is playing currently (or previous 10 played songs) at Starbucks with the tap of a finger

the 8GB iPhone is now $399; no mention of the 4GB model

The Apple Store is back online about 2PM CST.

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