7 September 2007 @ 8:50iTunes 7.4 Update Breaks iToner

iTunes 7.4 update breaks iToner, but maybe not intentionally. When Apple writes software without intending other entities to modify their software, things are likely to break upon update. This happens all too often with software hacks.

According to Ambrosia’s Andrew Welch:

We’re on it. Here’s what is happening. iTunes 7.4 thinks it is the sole entity that puts custom ringtones on your iPhone. As such whenever you sync (even if you aren’t using any ringtones from iTunes), it just blindly writes over the database of user-installed ringtones.

Your ringtones are still there, the iPhone just doesn’t know about them. I’m not sure why Apple would choose to do it this way (I’m trying not to be paranoid), but we’re on it.

Expect an update shortly.

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