3 October 2007 @ 8:46This Lawsuit is Real and Real Ridiculous

ars technica reports the details of Dongmei Li’s lawsuit against Apple, Jobs, and AT&T.

The laundry list of off-the-wall claims begins here, with Li alleging that Apple engaged in unfair and deceptive practices by allowing the 8GB iPhone to sell out on launch day, telling buyers that the only available iPhone at the time was the 4GB model, and failing to tell them that more 8GB iPhone would be produced. Apparently, informing storegoers of future manufacturing plans should be a legal requirement, in Li’s view.

Finally, Apple is now selling the iPhone for too low a price. Yes, you read that right—”Apple’s current price of $399 for its iPhone is unreasonably low,” reads the complaint. “The price of the iPhone when it debut [sic] is a more reasonable price.” The complaint proceeds to claim that the cost to make the 8GB iPhone outpaces the current $399 price tag, and that Apple’s sale of it at that price makes the company guilty of underselling.

Dongmei, you just raised the bar on stupidity.

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