16 October 2007 @ 9:18Greenpeace Dismantles an iPhone

Greenpeace is reporting that their own tests show harmful levels of toxic brominated compounds  and hazardous PVC.

An independent scientific laboratory tested 18 internal and external components of the iPhone and confirmed the presence of brominated compounds in half the samples, including in the phone’s antenna, in which they made up 10 percent of the total weight of the flexible circuit board. A mixture of toxic phthalates was found to make up 1.5 percent of the plastic (PVC) coating of the headphone cables.

This is disturbing on a couple levels. I personally don’t know if the chemicals in the headphone cables can be absorbed through the skin. If so, Apple really needs to address this issue in their manufacturing process. The other thing that disturbs me is that Greenpeace is jumping on the iPhone/Apple and riding it for all the attention they can get.

Read the rest of the article here.

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