24 October 2007 @ 9:45it simply their OS is suck

There is so much that is wrong with this, I am actually hoping this is the result of a brain transplant gone awry. Here are a few gems from the site. (link)

Normally, Windows crash because of third party faulty hardware, for MAC, it simply their OS is suck. Just wonder why Apple Sweden website is running Solaris, not MAC OSX. Maybe they know their OS is not reliable.

[...] Come on! This is the most funniest thing of all. I am wondering about this really. I mean Microsoft Office runs on Microsoft Windows. It just ported to MAC doesn’t mean we should switch to MAC. I just ask myself why should I switch when it’s the exactly same on the mac?

[...] Apple says their OS is based on Unix, so it is more secure. But, in reality, the reason is that they can’t make OS from scratch like Windows, so they adopted FreeBSD and put some make-up on it.

Of course, there are many viruses for Windows, but Apple forgot to state that there are many Antiviruses choices for Windows users as well. Most PCs users who’ve got antivirus never really suffers from virus problem too. MAC is not virus free (Bad boy can release viruses) and Antivirus choice is very limited if there’s any.

And the best argument of them all:

It seems that Apple thinks that they’ve revolutionized computing by developing mediocre software for viewing digital photos, editing video, burning CDs and DVDs and listening to music. Well they haven’t!

I challenge anyone to find 10 more ridiculous reasons than these.

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  1. jeremy | 24 Oct 2007 @ 15:48 #

    yep. sounds like a Windows user.

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