1 November 2007 @ 17:01The sub-$200 HD DVD Player

Toshiba’s HD-A2 is that HD DVD player that you’ve been waiting for. Toshiba has made watching in high definition finally affordable. If you have been waiting to buy an HD player until the price was right, now is the time to buy.

High definition playback delivers 720p/1080i resolution at a transfer rate higher than DVD or even HDTV, resulting in a more detailed, realistic picture. Advanced audio, including Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital Plus and DTS® HD (core only), along with legacy formats including Dolby® Digital and DTS® bring an increased sonic realism to movie soundtracks. Backwards compatibility means you can enjoy your existing library of DVDs and CDs, and through the process of upconversion using HDMI, your movies are scaled to match the resolution of your HD display. An interface suite includes an abundance of audio/video connections as well as an ethernet connection for firmware updates and future internet delivered features.

Click here to buy the Toshiba HD-A2


Update: The price seems to be fluctuating right around $200 (sometimes just a bit higher). Keep your eye on it.

Update: The Toshiba HD-A30 is now the low price leader.

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