6 November 2007 @ 18:18Backup Your Crontabs Before Installing Leopard

If you are using cron for anything at all, then you should backup your crontabs before installing Leopard.

You can backup your own crontab with this command:

crontab -l > ~/crontab_backup.txt

To restore your backup crontab after upgrading:

crontab ~/crontab_backup.txt

You may also want to backup your root crontab if you have edited it:

sudo crontab -l > ~/crontab_backup_root.txt

To restore your backup root crontab after upgrading:

sudo crontab ~/crontab_backup_root.txt

Update: This hint explains that crontabs in 10.4 and earlier were stored in /var/cron/tabs however, in 10.5, they are now stored in /usr/lib/cron/tabs.

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