30 November 2007 @ 17:24Let’s START with quality artwork next time

It’s Friday. I deserve a chance to let off some steam before the weekend.

Yesterday, a customer provided to me a rather pitiful sketch of how he wanted a patch designed.


This didn’t give me anything to work with, so I started from scratch. Below is what I came up with.



I admit, it could use some refining, but since there were some size and proportion issues with the customer’s original drawing, I just wanted to give him something to see, and we could refine it later.

Today, I received the reply to my first proof. The customer asked if I could get the design “more in line with the attached picture.” Below is what he provided this time.



At this point, I feel like screaming, “Why did you not give me this piece of art to begin with?! Now you have doubled my work, and my time could be better spent working on orders from other customers who actually know what they want!”

Ahhh. I feel better now.

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