30 December 2007 @ 13:49Belkin TuneTalk

My fiance bought me a Belkin TuneTalk for Christmas. The TuneTalk plugs into the iPod’s dock connector and allows recording via its pair of built-in omni-directional microphones or via its 3.5mm auxiliary input.

I have enjoyed playing with this new device, although the longest recording I have made so far has been 55 minutes, and that was limited by a battery that wasn’t fully charged. This recording weighed in a 551MB at the High Quality setting (44.1 kHz). At this point I have only made recordings with the TuneTalk’s built-in microphones, but I hope to soon test some line-in recording.

One nice feature of the TuneTalk is the extended dock connector which allows the use of the TuneTalk with many different iPod cases. My TuneTalk also came with a plastic stand to allow for hands free recording.

And, in case you are wondering, the TuneTalk is compatible with the 3G iPod nano and the iPod classic. Don’t forget to update your iPod to the latest firmware, though.


The TuneTalk also works nicely for recording from one portable audio player to another.


You can get the TuneTalk from Amazon, or Newegg.

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