26 January 2008 @ 20:07iPhone jailbreak v1.1.3 may break official apps

iPhone Atlas is reporting that the “unofficial” release of the v1.1.3 jailbreak by Nate True breaks “Nikita,” a component that is responsible for installing signed software. This means that applications created with the soon-to-be-released iPhone SDK most likely won’t work with this jailbreak.

Currently, the only signed applications available are the $20 set of apps for the iPod touch (Mail, Notes, etc.), but more are sure to be available next month.

Jonathan Zdziarski of the iPhone Dev Team said that the official, and currently unreleased, jailbreak by the iPhone Dev Team does not suffer from this problem, but their jailbreak will not be available until after Apple releases their iPhone SDK. In the meantime, Zdziarski recommends staying away from Nate True’s jailbreak.

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