19 February 2008 @ 11:16Goodbye Xserve RAID, Hello Promise RAID

promise_raid.jpgWhen I read this morning’s press release concerning the intro of Xsan 2, I noticed the bit of text toward the bottom that said, “Along with Apple’s Xserve® RAID, Xsan 2 supports third-party RAID solutions from Promise Technology in configurations tuned and optimized for Xsan, Mac OS X Server and Apple’s professional applications.”

This didn’t strike me as odd, but simply as an announcement of more hardware that Xsan can utilize. Now I realize that this is Apple’s way of discontinuing the Xserve RAID. Apple’s old Xserve RAID page (http://www.apple.com/xserve/raid/) now redirects to a page touting Promise RAID. (via Macenstein)

The Promise VTrak E-Class RAID Subsystem delivers outstanding performance, reliability, and expansion for video and server applications. Configure up to sixteen 750GB 7200-rpm SATA or 300GB 15,000-rpm SAS drives in a 3U rack-optimized enclosure for up to 12TB of raw capacity on one or more RAID sets. Promise RAID is an ideal storage solution for direct-attached or SAN-based server and workstation applications, qualified for use with Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Final Cut Studio 2, and Xsan 2.

Buy a Promise RAID at the Apple Store.

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