20 March 2008 @ 7:46Installed Ubuntu on PS3

ubuntulogo.gifI installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my PS3 using these instructions:

The installation was simple enough. I simply followed the on-screen instructions. There were a few problems though. My PS3′s internal wireless connection does not seem to be recognized. When I go to setup the network with a Manual Configuration, the only options are Wired and Modem. Wireless is not listed.

Setting the screen resolution was a bit tricky, and is still not perfect. I set the resolution to 720p using the command ps3videomode -v 3 -f . This resulted in a great looking display, but with the upper and lower menu bars almost completely hidden by my television’s overscan. I did try setting the video mode without the -f (which is for fullscreen mode), but that resulted in quite a large black border on the screen in conjunction with a much lower resolution. I’m not sure why this is happening or what I’m doing wrong. (instructions)

My main purpose in installing Linux on my PS3 is to have access to a computer with a Blu-ray drive.

By the way, the keyboard and Mighty Mouse from my wife’s iMac worked perfectly with the PS3. Even the mouse’s scroll ball worked.

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  1. Iveta | 20 Mar 2008 @ 9:29 #

    You can’t steal the TV tonight until after 10PM, I was so watching that show! You are welcome though for the use of the keyboard and mighty mouse (I always told you that thing was great!). :-P

  2. Jon | 20 Mar 2008 @ 9:31 #

    Of course. I will be watching Lost too.

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