29 March 2008 @ 9:58Recording a concert with Belkin TuneTalk

tunetalk_sm.jpgMy wife and I took my step-daughter to the Paramore concert last night.
Here is a recording from the March 28, 2008 Paramore concert.

When It Rains by Paramore:

I must say that it was way too loud and I’m not saying that because I am getting old. It’s not just the volume, but I don’t think the sound was mixed properly. A lot of the vocals could not be picked out from the music. The song above is somewhat of an exception because it was a slower, quieter song.

Download Paramore

Phantom Planet opened for Paramore. Here is their hit California. Their is a lot of clipping in this recording due to the loudness. I’m not sure if there is something different I should have done to improve the recording quality. I did have the Autogain turned off, otherwise I think the clipping would have been a lot worse.

California by Phantom Planet:

Download Phantom Planet

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