30 March 2008 @ 14:02Geek quilt square

My sister-in-law decided that this year she wanted to make a quilt using squares created by her friends and family to commemorate her birthday. Neither sewing nor quilting is my forte, so for my square, I decided I would simply decorate it with fabric markers in a way that would remind her of me.

I started by printing the text onto a sheet of paper and laying the white cloth over the printed paper and tracing lightly with a pencil. After that I used a black Yasutomo FabricMate marker to ink in the design. I had both a fine point marker and a wide chisel tip marker, but found that the fine tip worked best. The chisel tip put out too much ink and would bleed into the fabric excessively.

For the terminal icon, I freehanded that with a black and gray marker.

Here is my first ever, not-so-traditional quilt square.
My Quilt Square

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