10 April 2008 @ 10:04Death Sentence

I just watched Death Sentence last night. Yeah, I know it has been out since January, but for some reason or another, I haven’t watched it.

Death Sentence is simply a revenge movie — nothing more, nothing less. If you enjoy that genre you would enjoy this film. Kevin Bacon succeeded in showing a wide range of emotions in the character of Nick Hume.

Despite Kevin Bacon being the lead actor and “hero” of the movie, I couldn’t help but feel like John Goodman stole the show with his performance as Bones Darley, the father of the two boys who killed Hume’s son and wife. I love the following quote delivered by Goodman:

Well, Billy’s no damn doing of mine. Anything he did’s no damn doing of mine. So, somebody needs to make somebody pay for something to make themselves feel better. Billy’d be the one to pay. Kill the little piss-pants. See if it makes a damn day’s difference to me. Dad to dad, don’t tell me about it. Just… go do it. Lord knows I’ve been patient, and you’re a cash fucking customer. But you think about asking me where Billy is… I’ll kill ya. Go your way now… Go with God and a bag full of guns.


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Oh, by the way, that song, you know the one that starts playing after Brendan’s funeral? I knew that song sounded very familiar, and then I realized that song is “I Will Love You” by Fisher, and it was included on MacAddict’s 5th Anniversary DVD in 2001. Very cool!

Download the song or the album:
Song – “I Will Love You” by Fisher
Album – One by Fisher

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