13 April 2008 @ 20:49First attempt at a pinhole digital camera

I’ve been wanting to try to make a digital pinhole camera for a while. Finally I took the time to try it. I took our Canon Digital Rebel XT and a body cap. Then I used a pin vise (similar to this or this) to drill a tiny hole in the center of the body cap.

Here are the resulting photos.

Click for larger view.

I notice a lot of dust on the pictures that I don’t notice when I use a standard lens. I’m not quite sure why it shows up with the pinhole but not with the lens. I will have to try to blow that dust out.

The photos are satisfactory, but I think they can be better. I believe my pinhole needs to be smaller and in a thinner material. Soon, I will try drilling a larger hole in the body cap and affixing a thin piece of aluminum over the hole with a smaller pinhole. This should give the photos a bit more sharpness.

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  1. Jeremy | 14 Apr 2008 @ 8:41 #

    That is so interesting. I remember talking about this. How long was your exposure time? Remembering the pinholes film camera I made in college, I believe it was close to a minute for me.

  2. Jon | 14 Apr 2008 @ 8:47 #

    The outdoor photo was 1/3s exposure time, and the indoor photos were more like 10s. I realized afterwards that I had the ISO set to 800, so that would affect the exposure time as well.

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