13 June 2008 @ 8:06Toshiba RD-XS35 DVR and No Listings

This is getting a bit annoying. My Toshiba RD-XS35 DVR has been about two weeks without being able to download any tv listings. The means that any schedules I had previously setup when the guide was working will no longer record, and if I want to schedule a recording, I have to enter it manually. I have tried resetting the guide on the Toshiba and even trying a different zipcode in the setup. Nothing.

In the past, when the guide has come up blank, I could just wait a couple days, and it would download the listings again. But this time is different.

I’m not going to place all the blame on the Toshiba, because I understand that the cable service via CableOne could be partly to blame. They could have stopped broadcasting the programming information.

If anyone out there has a fix for this, let me know.

Update: June 14, 2008
Today the Toshiba RD-XS35 has programming information. What changed? Nothing that I did. CableOne?

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  1. Noel | 27 Sep 2009 @ 9:28 #

    I have the same exact problem. We should have a lifetime subscription. Has Toshiba or TV guide failed to live up to our purchase agreement?

  2. Jon | 27 Sep 2009 @ 9:47 #

    I don’t think the problem has anything to do with either Toshiba or TV Guide. I’m more inclined to think that the problem I have experienced is due to a “glitch” in my cable company’s broadcasting of the TV listings.

    It’s usually just a matter of time before the guide is populated with listings again.

  3. Noel | 01 Oct 2009 @ 11:43 #

    You are correct, after about two weeks my listings were refreshed.

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