15 June 2008 @ 19:55iPhone 3G cost over 2 years

iPhone 3GGizmodo has an article comparing the cost of the original iPhone over two years to the cost of the iPhone 3G over two years. Also compared are the AT&T HTC Tilt 3G, the Sprint HTC Mogul 3G, and the Verizon XV6800 3G. The conclusion is that yes, the new iPhone 3G, although priced at $199 will cost you $160 more over the course of the 2 years than the original iPhone. That’s a small price to pay for the added features and speed.

When you compare the iPhone 3G to the other phones, it will cost you as much as $200 dollars less (and $20 more than the Mogul) over the course of two years.

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  1. SyKoHPaTh | 16 Jun 2008 @ 19:30 #

    That’s the biggest thing that I think people are missing over the whole price thing. The extra cost is going for a FASTER connection (as well as other features).

    There’s a developer that is working on an app to make World of Warcraft (as well as other mmo’s) run on mobile devices…3G will be the ONLY way to make that work.

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