25 June 2008 @ 8:344D announces the worldwide release of 4D Server v11 SQL

San Jose, CA – 4D, Inc., maker of an integrated software platform that simplifies and speeds up the process of creating and deploying business applications, announced today the release of 4D Server v11 SQL, bringing the native SQL power of the 4D v11 SQL product line to its flagship server product. The new version marks a complete overhaul of every aspect of 4D Server, delivering numerous improvements to power, capacity, and processing speed. New features further enhance administration, ergonomics, and internet functionality.

“4D v11 SQL represents over three years of dedicated development, resulting in a complete transformation of the core of 4D,” said Laurent Ribardiere, president and founder of 4D. “The release of 4D Server v11 SQL marks the completion of our transition, bringing more power and speed to the creators and users of today’s business applications.”

With merely a simple conversion, 4D-based solutions now benefit from a revamped database engine that’s even faster on multi-processor/multi-core machines in all data, indexing and cache operations, as well as calls to the SQL engine. Users on the Macintosh platform will appreciate 4D Server v11 SQL’s Universal Binary compatibility for maximum performance on MacIntel machines.

4D Server v11 SQL’s performance is also boosted by optimized network performance and improved server efficiency for remote applications, particularly in WAN configurations and wireless access.

“I am running our application in 4D Server v11 SQL over a wide area network, and it is consistently three to four times faster than the previous version of 4D. This is an amazing job,” said developer Jeffrey Kain, executive vice president of Orchard Software Corporation.

Managing a server that takes multiple connections from client applications, HTTP, and SQL has also become easier with significantly redesigned new administration tools, which allow for live updating and maintenance of the server, from virtually any remote location. In most cases, user connections can be maintained during maintenance, resulting in almost-zero downtime.

Stunning new interface features bring enhanced software ergonomics to developers and end-users alike, with in-depth integration of standards like JavaScript and SVG (scalable vector graphics). The new Web Area object gives developers the ability to incorporate HTML content, PDF files, Office documents, QuickTime(R) movies, and Flash(R) animations directly into their solutions.

Taking internet functionality even further, support of JavaScript, CSS and HTML can be found in the accompanying 4D Ajax Framework, part of 4D Web 2.0 Pack. Representative of 4D’s commitment to emerging technologies and new standards, the powerful, easy to use suite will also soon feature an API that will allow Adobe Flex(R) developers to use 4D as a SQL-based data source for their Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

“This release demonstrates our dedication to offer users increasingly more powerful and flexible tools,” continued Ribardière, “Tools that are more adapted to mobile and remote use, that are more efficient and cost-effective, and more and more open to technology standards.”

4D Server v11 SQL is available for purchase immediately, with pricing beginning at $1149 USD. Upgrades and maintenance plans are also available. 4D v11 SQL products are available for download and purchase.

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4D Server v11 SQL
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4D, Inc., located in San Jose, CA offers companies and developers an integrated software platform that simplifies the creation and deployment of business applications. The 4D product line is used in more than 70 countries by a network of 7,000 professional software developers and millions of end users worldwide. 4D, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of 4D SAS, headquartered in Paris, France. 4D, Inc. can be reached online at their website.

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