6 August 2008 @ 10:34Appaloosa – trailer

Appaloosa looks like a great western film. I remember Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen doing well together in A History of Violence. I look forward to seeing them on the screen together again in Appaloosa.

When two gunmen, Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, arrive in Appaloosa they find a small, dusty and lawless town suffering at the hands of renegade rancher Randall Bragg. Bragg has not only taken supplies, horses, and women for his own, but also has left the city marshal and a deputy for dead. In Bragg they find an unusually wily adversary who raises the stakes by playing with emotions. It is now up to Cole and Hitch to stand against the actions of the renegade rancher, which have already taken their toll on the town.

Directed by: Ed Harris

Starring: Viggo Mortensen as Everett Hitch, Renée Zellweger as Allie, Jeremy Irons as Randall Bragg, Ed Harris as Virgil Cole, Lance Henriksen

Release date: October 3, 2008

Rating: R

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Publicity stills © New Line Cinema

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  1. Jeremy | 06 Aug 2008 @ 22:44 #

    looks good, but then I saw “An Ed Harris Film”, so now it has piqued my interest!

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