13 August 2008 @ 6:51SwapaDVD offers an alternative to Netflix and Blockbuster

SwapaDVD is a free-membership DVD swapping club that has been operating since December 2007.

There are no membership fees and no transaction fees. All members pay is the cost of U.S. postage (typically $1.81 per DVD) to send DVDs that are requested from them. It isn’t necessary to go to the post office: the site provides a wrapper that can be printed out on regular printer paper, bearing the mailing address and the sender’s return address. The sender wraps the DVD with the printed wrapper, adds stamps and pops it in the mail. There is also an option to print postage directly onto the wrapper.

When a member sends out a requested DVD and it is received, DVD credit (1 credit per disc) is deposited into the sender’s account. Then the member can order DVDs for himself or herself. Mail a DVD — Get a DVD! The DVDs can be kept, or swapped again after watching them.

This looks like a great alternative to Netflix and Blockbuster. We all have DVDs that we are willing to swap for something better.

SwapaDVD also operates sisters sites SwapaCD and PaperbackSwap.

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