19 September 2008 @ 8:37Botched (2007) – review

Wow, Botched is a pleasant surprise of a movie. After having seen Stephen Dorff most recently in Felon, I decided I ought to check out more of his work, so I grabbed the Botched DVD and tossed it in the DVD player.

While in Russia attempting a heist, Ritchie (Stephen Dorff) and his two thugs run into some small problems that quickly escalate into much larger problems, including a beheading, a giant rat, a sadistic killer in a warrior costume and his evil sister.

The slapstick-style humor in Botched works well once you realize that it’s not meant to be taken seriously. However this comedy isn’t for everyone — only for those who like gore, comedy, and gory comedy. If that describes you, then there should be plenty of blood, fake limbs, intestines, and laughs for you in Botched.

Directed by: Kit Ryan
Starring: Stephen Dorff, Igor Chistol, Greg Jeloudov, Jaime Murray, Hugh O’Conor, Geoff Bell

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  1. jeremy | 19 Sep 2008 @ 12:23 #

    “only for those who like gore, comedy, and gory comedy.”

    hahaha…. count me in!

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