26 September 2008 @ 10:29Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival 2008 Preview

Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival

This weekend I’ll be attending the tenth annual Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. Held in downtown Birmingham, AL, Sidewalk showcases the talents of local and international directors alike. 

With a focus on independent features and documentaries, attendees are treated to great films that you’ll only see in this type of environment. Student films and Sidewalk Scramble shorts fill in the gaps between the larger features. Filmmakers are often present and mingle with the crowds, share ideas and network with each other during one of the Sidewalk Parties.

This will be my fourth trip to Sidewalk since 2004. Each time I leave with a different perspective and new ideas on what constitutes good cinema. I’m excited that this year, some films from other larger festivals are making their way to Sidewalk. I see many of the same people each time I go and there’s a strong sense of a film community among us. 

I’ll be taking notes while I’m there Saturday and Sunday, and report back on Monday with some photos.If you’re interested in going, you can attend the opening film tonight Adventures of Power, or pop in Saturday or Sunday. 

Information on movies, ticket prices and directions to the festival can be found at: http://www.sidewalkfest.com/

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