29 September 2008 @ 16:08Sidewalk 2008 Review: Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In
Directed by: Tomas Alfredson
Starring: Käre Heddebrant, Lina Leandersson and Per Ragnar


This is an interesting film from Sweden. It transforms the concepts of what a vampire is and can be into a seemingly harmless girl named Eli. She and Oskar, her new friend are both only twelve years old. 


When she moves into the apartment beside his, they become each other’s only friends, meeting in the park at night. Oskar is unaware of what Eli is and what she is capable of. 


Every night, Eli’s father goes on the prowl, searching for food for his daughter. These scenes are interspersed with the young Oskar and Eli getting acquainted and eventually falling in love.


Let the Right One In blends the traditional elements of a classic vampire tale with the innocence of friendship and young love. There are several violent scenes and some that will pull you closer to these two brilliant characters.

I highly recommend watching Let The Right One In when it becomes available. It was my favorite film of Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival this year.

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Watch the trailer for Let the Right One In.

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