22 October 2008 @ 14:39PlayStation 3 Bundle at Walmart

PlayStation 3 Walmart BundleWalmart is doing it again — offering a PlayStation 3 bundle with a Gift Card. This time is is the 80GB PlayStation 3 bundled with a PS3 game of your choice, a Blu-ray movie of your choice, the Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray remote, and a $75 Walmart.com Gift Card.

Not a bad deal at all! Sure you can find the console by itself for less money, but with everything that is included, this one works out to be a good deal.

Here’s a recap of what is in the bundle:

* PlayStation 3 80GB Console
* Your choice of PS3 game
* Your choice of Blu-ray movie
* Sony Blu-ray Remote
* BONUS $75 Walmart.com Gift Card


[via sykopath]

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  1. Wii | 23 Oct 2008 @ 5:09 #

    That is a pretty damn good deal right there! Shame I already have my PS3, but I will give friends and family the heads up for Christmas ideas and things :)

    Thanks a lot!

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