27 October 2008 @ 10:40Walmart exclusive Xbox 360 “Dragon” controller

Walmart’s Check Out Blog has a post that teases with word of a new Xbox 360 controller that will be exclusive to Walmart and Sams’ Club. The newly-designed controller will also come with a black headset and will sell for less than $60. No pictures of the actual controller yet, but keep an eye on Walmart’s site as we near the holiday season.
Update: pictures added below and link to product page.

Walmart & Sams’ Club will be the exclusive home for the limited edition “dragon” designed controller. The new Xbox360 wireless controller will be bundled with a black headset. Retailing for under $60 this unique design will introduce a little edge into the XBOX360 family of products. The bundle saves you $10 and is the only direct way to get a black headset–unless you spend $399 on an Elite Xbox360 hardware system. The monochromatic design is the first exclusive that Microsoft has created for Walmart but maybe not the last (we are waiting for Santa Gates to see if we were naughty or nice). The new controller earns additional style points by incorporating a blend of colors on the thumb pads (apologies to the core–we couldn’t fix the d-pad this holiday). The image you see provides a little teaser of the design, to see the rest you will need to make your way to Walmart this holiday season.

Visit Walmart.com

Buy the Special Edition Xbox 360 Dragon Controller w/headset

Xbox 360 Special Edition Dragon controller

Xbox 360 Special Edition Dragon controller and headset

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