23 November 2008 @ 22:24Quantum of Solace (2008)

Two years ago, Daniel Craig debuted as the new Bond in Casino Royale, and in my opinion, he was a much better Bond than his predecessor, Pierce Brosnan. Casino Royale was an awesome thrill ride, so naturally when I found out that the latest Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, would have a different director than Casino Royale, I got a bit worried. The new director, Marc Forster, has done some good direction with Monster’s Ball, Stranger Than Fiction, and The Kite Runner, but until now hadn’t really directed a heavy action movie.

I can tell you now after having seen Quantum of Solace, that my worries were all for naught. Quantum of Solace was as entertaining as Casino Royale.

There are, however, some stark differences between Quantum of Solace and its predecessor, and certainly some of those differences will have viewers disagreeing about which movie was the better of the two. I can appreciate Quantum of Solace as a non-stop action movie that leaves very little room for plot and character development. After all, most of the character development occurred in Casino Royale where a good deal more time was spent on the characters and their relationships with each other — 38 minutes more time, to be exact.

I found Bond to be a bit more approachable in Quantum of Solace than in Casino Royale. He seemed to show ever so slightly more emotion this time around. Daniel Craig seems to be settling nicely into his role as Bond, and I do hope we get to see more.

Mathieu Amalric made for quite an impressive villain in this movie — a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so to speak. As Dominic Greene, Amalric could easily stand up to even the most sinister of dictators, but of course, at the mere sight of Bond, we could see a hint of fear in Dominic’s eyes.

Olga Kurylenko plays the Bond girl in Quantum of Solace. She slowly works up to being an impressive character with a past in need of avenging. She makes for an interesting companion to Bond as they both wrestle with the demons from their past.

The new theme song for Quantum of Solace raised some eyebrows early on. The song, Another Way to Die, by the unlikely duo of Jack White and Alicia Keys, even gave me a pause when I first heard it, but now having seen it paired with some impressive opening credits by MK12, I have to say that it definitely works. (Click here to watch the opening credits)

One of my few complaints with Quantum of Solace is that some of the action sequences could have benefited from a slightly wider angle lens and a bit more time between cuts. As it is, some of the action is difficult to follow.

Quantum of Solace makes for a highly entertaining addition to the James Bond series.

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  1. Rypitch | 24 Nov 2008 @ 8:43 #

    Great article and video about the new Bond plot shows that there is no solace in its reality.

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