1 January 2009 @ 23:06Shotgun Stories (2007) Review

Shotgun StoriesI was connecting the dots with actors in some of the other movies I watched recently, and was led to Michael Shannon in Shotgun Stories.

Shotgun Stories tells of three brothers — Son, Boy, and Kid — whose deadbeat father abandoned and left them to be raised by their hateful mother. In addition to being raised by their mother, they were raised to hate their father and his new family. Tensions reach a climax when Son, Boy, and Kid make an appearance at their father’s funeral only to bad-mouth him and spit on his grave.

Shotgun Stories is unlike any movie I have ever seen. It is one of the most honest portrayals of hatred and revenge that I have ever seen. While that may paint a grim picture of Shotgun Stories, the film is not without its light-hearted and hilarious moments.

The three brothers, while not having the most common sense, do have their endearing qualities, and seem to be mostly good, aside from their learned hatred for their half-brothers. They all want the fighting to stop, but some have differing opinions on how to stop it.

Michael Shannon gives an outstanding performance as Son, the oldest brother, and quite possibly the brother with the most hatred for his half-brothers.

Written and Directed by Jeff Nichols.

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Shotgun Stories

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