8 January 2009 @ 21:20The Last House on the Left – trailer

Here is the trailer for the remake of Wes Craven‘s The Last House on the Left.

After kidnapping and butchering two teenagers, a gang unknowingly finds refuge with the parents of one of the victims — hosts who devise gruesome revenge.

Director: Dennis Iliadis
Cast: Sara Paxton, Monica Potter, Garret Dillahunt, Martha MacIsaac, Tony Goldwyn, Riki Lindhome, Spencer Treat Clark, Aaron Paul, Joshua Cox

Release date: Spring 2009

Click here to watch the trailer

The Last House on the Left

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Twitter chatter:

  1. muzikscribe (Todd Davis) | 24 mins ago
    RT @215ENess: Mixtape Download: @215ENess - The Last House On The Left Hosted by @THEREALDJSPAZO & @Ace_McClowd: http://t.co/9zC37Sn ...
  2. 215ENess (E. Ness) | 26 mins ago
    Mixtape Download: @215ENess - The Last House On The Left Hosted by @THEREALDJSPAZO & @Ace_McClowd: http://t.co/9zC37SnO via @grouchygreg
  3. arunace (Arun Sengupta) | 1 hour ago
    The Last House on the Left Poster http://t.co/apxMKdcX
  4. UrielNostalgia (لييروأ) | 1 hour ago
    next to a group of ppl that look like the group of serial killers from 'the last house on the left'
  5. Pankuucinsh (Dāvids Stepītis) | 1 hour ago
    @nuuniite the horsemen izsktas galigi garām palurēšu The last house on the left,
  6. jonghyunskim (park hara) | 2 hours ago
    i'm not gonna sleep obvi i have "last house on the left" to watch so HAHHAHAHAH
  7. LPerraay (Lydia Perry ) | 2 hours ago
    @Shiwhitted Omg! Last house on the left is the only movie I've ever cried in! HATE IT**
  8. Shiwhitted (Shi-Shi Whitted) | 3 hours ago
    @LPerraay like taken or last house on the left ******
  9. MoonRockMac (Mac Kilduff) | 3 hours ago
    I'm at The Last House on the Left (Philadelphia, PA) http://t.co/OTBsvyU6
  10. hannamirs (Hanna Miro) | 4 hours ago
    Hanggang ngayon, di pa rin ako makapag move on sa The Last House on the Left kagabi.. Hindi talaga ako magbabalak mag OT this week.. Haha.

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