14 January 2009 @ 10:51Blindness (2008) review

BlindnessI found Blindness to be quite an engrossing film about an unexplained epidemic of blindness and how it affected a group of people. We get to see the breakdown of human civility and an attempt to rebuild lives around this new handicap.

There seems to be a lot of viewers and critics complaining that Blindness was not a very good film, but I felt quite the contrary. It does have its weak moments when the story seems to drag, but when considered in its entirety, Blindness is a fascinating film. Note: I am attracted to any post-apocalyptic type movie, regardless of the flavor of the catastrophic event.

There are some pretty heavy moments in Blindness that really made me think, “What would I do in that situation?” The scenario of what lengths people would go to prevent starvation was especially disturbing, but it needed to be addressed in order to help carry the seriousness of what these people were going through.

This may not be a fair comparison, but I kept having this nagging feeling that there were a lot of similarities between Blindness and 28 Days Later. No, there aren’t any zombie-like foes in Blindness, but the predicament was caused by some sort of plague or infection. In Blindness the victim’s “enemies” were at first, the authorities (guards), and then later, themselves and their own human nature.

If you like disaster movies and movies that show how people cope with catastrophic events, then I would recommend that you watch Blindness.

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