26 January 2009 @ 8:28Just say “No” to trojan rabbits

Trojan RabbitFirst iWork ’09, now Adobe PhotoShop CS4. Both software packages have been found BitTorrent sites and contain a trojan horse which creates a backdoor with root privileges. The difference is that the trojan that comes with Adobe PhotoShop CS4 is not installed via the app, but instead via a “crak” app that comes with it to serialize the app. First of all, don’t download pirated applications. You never know how they have been tampered with. Secondly, don’t give your administrator password to a “crack” app. There is absolutely no reason for it to need root privileges, and no reason for you to trust it.

SecureMac.com released an iWorkServices Trojan Removal Tool, but as of yet hasn’t released anything for this particular exploit (and they are not obligated to do so).

Mac Trojan Horse OSX.Trojan.iServices.A Found in Pirated Apple iWork 09
New Variant of Mac Trojan Horse iServices Found in Pirated Adobe Photoshop CS4

Just in case you didn’t get the Monty Python reference in the title, watch this.

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