28 January 2009 @ 7:33One Super Bowl logo to rule them all!

Stefan G. Bucher has designed the ultimate Super Bowl logo, that even I (someone with very little interest in football) can appreciate.

“The Super Bowl audience is stagnant. Any logo designed for the current target will not increase viewership. For the Super Bowl to thrive we need to tap new audiences. To this end I’ve designed a logo to engage the highly energetic, vigorously monetized and entirely underserved nerd segment of the viewing public by connecting the N.F.L. experience with a few of their cultural touchstones. Call it pandering if you must, I call it Brandology┬«.” — Stefan G. Bucher and James Whitney, 344 Design, Los Angeles

Nice work, Stefan!

Click the image below to see a larger annotated version.

Super Bowl logo by Stefan G. Bucher

[via 344 Design and The New York Times]

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  1. Taija | 30 Jan 2009 @ 5:13 #

    Love it! Really like how the enterprise was incorperated.

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