3 February 2009 @ 21:03Yobo NES Clone

Do you still have a room full of NES games, but your NES died years ago? You just may be in luck. The Yobo NES Clone will replace your aging or dead NES and will play all your old games. Yes, even Burger Time. Included with the Yobo are two controllers (with rapid-fire and slo-mo) and a light gun. You will also be able to use any old NES controllers that you might still have.

You may never have to blow your cartridges again.

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Yobo NES Clone System

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  1. jeremy | 04 Feb 2009 @ 13:15 #

    I own one of these… mine is silver and black, with two controllers and does not include the “Zapper”. It’s pretty reliable too.

  2. jeremy | 04 Feb 2009 @ 13:47 #

    oh and you get my respect for mentioning Burger Time – an underrated classic.

  3. SyKoHPaTh | 05 Feb 2009 @ 15:51 #

    Your mom is an underrated classic.

    kidding lol

    Any ideas on how well this works? I actually see systems like this at Replay’s – and well, they work. But honestly, they look kinda…”cheap”.

  4. jeremy | 05 Feb 2009 @ 16:01 #

    “It’s pretty reliable too.”

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