6 March 2009 @ 15:18The Perfect Sleep – trailer

Here is the trailer for The Perfect Sleep.

Against the backdrop of a noirish dreamscape, a tortured man returns to the city he swore he would never return to, in order to save the woman he has always loved yet can never have.

Director: Jeremy Alter
Cast: Anton Pardoe, Roselyn Sanchez, Patrick Bauchau
Release date: March 13, 2009 (limited)

Click here to watch the trailer

The Perfect Sleep

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Twitter chatter:

  1. Flor_Estella (Flor Estella ) | 36 mins ago
    Just woke up and I feel AMAZING and rested! 9 hours might be the perfect sleep time **
  2. danivoni (Danielle von Mehren) | 2 hours ago
    Staying up all night just talking is the perfect sleep over!! ** #loveya @madimiracle
  3. melliemacksauce (Jemell Miller) | 3 hours ago
    Of course my mom calls and wakes me up. When else would she call but in the middle of the perfect sleep. #ThanksForNothingBitch
  4. stephaniesmerff (Stephanie Smernaos) | 4 hours ago
    The moment when you wake up from the perfect sleep and all your thoughts come back and you just wanna sit in a hole. #depressingtweet **
  5. JanuShah_x (Janu) | 6 hours ago
    if I didn't have so much on my mind I would have had the perfect sleep
  6. Dominicfuckingc (EURGH) | 6 hours ago
    That was the perfect sleep
  7. kristiculbreth1 (Kristi Culbreth) | 9 hours ago
    I finally get on the perfect sleep schedule with 3 days left of #turkeyplantlyfe.
  8. Kmac330 (Kmac™) | 10 hours ago
    RT @kj_tha_aviator: I Can't Never Get To The Perfect Sleep Temperature.
  9. kj_tha_aviator (IG: justfor_kicks) | 10 hours ago
    I Can't Never Get To The Perfect Sleep Temperature.
  10. Leannespierings (Leanne Spierings ) | 11 hours ago
    RT @Anne_Lotte_: Watching Big Time Rush while eating 'kapsalon'! What do you mean, the perfect sleep-over! ;) #LoveIt


  1. Jeremy | 07 Mar 2009 @ 0:04 #

    If Quentin Tarantino had directed Terry Gilliam’s Brazil…. this would have been the result.

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