20 March 2009 @ 13:31Busted – shirt

I love the mash-up of Pac-Man and Ghostbusters on this shirt. This way cool design is available over at SplitReason.com. Don’t cross the steams. Or eat all the big pellets at once.


Busted t-shirt

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  1. XaocCPS (Vladimir Yunev) | 3 mins ago
    Ghostbusters!! via @pinterest http://t.co/xoV0p8IO
  2. vitm__ (Vitória) | 3 mins ago
    RT @Frschunig_: Imagina que nerd uma vez foi tido como quem era inteligente e hoje é quem paga pau pra filmes tipo ghostbusters e seríes ...
  3. socialwormhole1 (socialwormhole) | 4 mins ago
    ghostbusters-3-harold-ramis - socialwormhole: http://t.co/LQUEifYv
  4. hdnunes (Henrique Nunes) | 5 mins ago
    Ghostbusters at #1 Electro House by Patrick La Rogg, ooooooh so amazing
  5. DinoDakin (tom dakin) | 8 mins ago
    reading the comments on a youtube vid with a tesla coil playing the ghostbusters song and one said "zues is affraid" LOL
  6. _CobaCobana (Aphrodite.) | 11 mins ago
    Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!
  7. _Ghostbusters (ϟ Louise) | 11 mins ago
    RT @NormanDesVideos: 1ère action de la journée: nettoyer du vomi sur le tapis. 1ère action en rentrant du travail: nettoyer du vomi sur ...
  8. oansun (oansun) | 11 mins ago
    @Greymattersplat @Plannedbanter He was a game show host, that's not a person you can trust! Ghostbusters said so! Backhandedly
  9. FusRoDann (Obviously Jesus) | 11 mins ago
    #StoryBehindMyScar I crossed the beams... #GHOSTBUSTERS #SWAG
  10. StarGlitter13 (StarshineGlitter) | 14 mins ago
    @InSight_2k not if I get a better offer! I don't want the ghostbusters house if that's what it is.

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