20 March 2009 @ 7:34MouthOff iPhone App

This has to be one of the most fun apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s called MouthOff and has 15 different sound reactive mouths that move as you talk.

Click here to watch the video


Watch some more examples of MouthOff below

  • MouthOff™ iPhone App @0800styles showusyourmouthoff Rap
  • Felipe Bocão Showusyourmouthoff
  • Don't Mug Yourself - showusyourmouthoff
  • Brad Freeman showusyourmouthoff
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Twitter chatter:

  1. msryannicole (RyanNicole) | 12 hours ago
    The #MouthOff #WOTW us already decided!!! It is: "slavery in film". In other words #Django!!!!
  2. AirLoungeOak (AirOakland) | 13 hours ago
    Love to the Ladies of @OfficialHWC @MsJaNeeX @LarisaPO @jazmyn726 @msryannicole #MouthOff Wednesdays http://t.co/I8qTAYNF
  3. AirLoungeOak (AirOakland) | 13 hours ago
    RT @JoyElan: #MouthOff #WOTW Betrayal and Forgiveness @OfficialHWC @msryannicole @AirLoungeOak http://t.co/r3q1w88K
  4. Epiphanyshouse ( Epiphany Castro) | 14 hours ago
    RT @JoyElan: #MouthOff #WOTW Betrayal and Forgiveness @OfficialHWC @msryannicole @AirLoungeOak http://t.co/r3q1w88K
  5. JoyElan (Joy Elán) | 14 hours ago
    #MouthOff #WOTW Betrayal and Forgiveness @OfficialHWC @msryannicole @AirLoungeOak http://t.co/r3q1w88K
  6. GTALAD4EVA (Lewis Palin) | 19 hours ago
    @kingcon2k11 Just spoke to support, they said they recommend you contact the Community Team, directly at Mouthoff.
  7. RockstarSupport (Rockstar Support) | 19 hours ago
    @GTALAD4EVA We recommend that he contact the Community team directly at Mouthoff.
  8. GTALAD4EVA (Lewis Palin) | 19 hours ago
    @RockstarSupport What's the ETA for a reply off Mouthoff? I never seem to get a reply :(
  9. jazzpoet (Jazz monique Hudson) | 20 hours ago
    RT @msryannicole: Word on the streets is that the new #MouthOff has elements reminiscent of Lyricist Lounge. Not mad at that at all! S ...
  10. ScorpioBlues (Scorpio Blues) | 20 hours ago
    Happy MO DAY! #MouthOff at @AirLoungeOak Happy NEW YOU! Host: @msryannicole w/ @djhectorevents & @Reuschelle

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