21 March 2009 @ 8:51Sleep Dealer – trailer

Here is the trailer for Sleep Dealer.

Mexico. The near future. Memo Cruz has always dreamed of leaving his tiny village and heading north. But when he is ultimately forced to leave, Memo finds a future so bizarre – border walls, shantytowns, hi-tech factories, remote control drones and aqua-terrorists – that it looks a lot like today.

Director: Alex Rivera
Cast: Leonor Varela, Jacob Vargas, Luis Fernando Pena
Release date: April 17, 2009 (limited)

Click here to watch the trailer

Sleep Dealer

Update: added release date

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  1. trippycrop (AIRAAH.) | 2 hours ago
    Sleep dealer.
  2. EddieLouise (EddieLouise) | 3 hours ago
    OMG, yes! Great Sci-Fi on #Netflix RT @chipmichael: Sleep dealer - an amazing film by Alex Rivera - intense story. Highly recommend
  3. MarcoZissou (мαяcø) | 4 hours ago
    Acabo de descubrir a la banda "Sleep Dealer" y digamos que mola un pizco.
  4. KatsarKate (Kate Only) | 6 hours ago
    Sleep Dealer - The Way Home: http://t.co/uoakpf30 via @youtube
  5. ganralf7 (priemula) | 8 hours ago
    Sleep Dealer Trailer || HD http://t.co/YNBeefDT
  6. TeacherTeenz (Bettina Robertson) | 13 hours ago
    @JaredLeto Sleep Dealer - Nozomi... I get lost in the video & music every time!!
  7. chipmichael (Chip Michael) | 14 hours ago
    Sleep dealer - an amazing film by Alex Rivera - intense story. Highly recommend
  8. _EyesSooLow (YeahhSheForeign ) | 14 hours ago
    Sleep Dealer
  9. mimie_ghaz (miM!ey•.•) | 15 hours ago
    Sleep Dealer - Muted: http://t.co/uNRoUri9 via @youtube
  10. Spamsterr (Mohit Shroff) | 17 hours ago
    #CLT | The Way Home - Sleep Dealer.


  1. Jeremy | 21 Mar 2009 @ 10:53 #

    it looks good, but the whole feel of the movie screams “limited release” to me… hope I get a chance to see it.

  2. Jon | 21 Mar 2009 @ 10:56 #

    As a matter of fact, the April 17, 2009 release date is a limited release.

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