23 March 2009 @ 15:50Kanye West better watch his back

Yeah, Kanye. I think Jack may have just perfected that annoying auto-tune technique, so you might want to learn a new trick.

Click here to watch the video


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Twitter chatter:

  1. justinjames24 (Justin James) | 3 mins ago
  2. MasteringHitz1 (MIX-MASTERING HITZ ) | 5 mins ago
    Check this video out -- Antares Auto-Tune: Targeting Notes and Creating Harmonies Us http://t.co/FV8MdDa0 via @youtube #Mastering_Services
  3. _heyro (rowen☮) | 5 mins ago
    people who worship the likes of Cheryl it's called auto tune, my cat could sell platinum albums using it
  4. angelica__xoxo († angelica rogers †) | 6 mins ago
    RT @3gkinghilton10: My debuttt albummmmm m *Auto-Tune*
  5. MicaWasHere (January12...Y E S! ) | 7 mins ago
    "@JulliusJ: I can only imagine wat FUTURE would do without auto tune" shit
  6. 3gkinghilton10 (Andrew Hilton) | 7 mins ago
    My debuttt albummmmm m *Auto-Tune*
  7. ItsRen_ (2013 bicho) | 7 mins ago
    ela canta muito mal ao vivo, mano que horror :o auto tune hoje em dia é tudo na vida de (@YouTube http://t.co/WVgp5hbL)
  8. allisonfletch97 (Allison Fletchaaaah) | 8 mins ago
    Pipe down on the auto tune...
  9. JulliusJ (What Ju Say ) | 8 mins ago
    I can only imagine wat FUTURE would do without auto tune
  10. decotesdademi (j) | 10 mins ago
    its auto-tune bitch

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