3 April 2009 @ 7:39Manchester Orchestra “I Can Barely Breathe” – music video

Here is Manchester Orchestra‘s video for “I Can Barely Breathe”. Pretty cool!

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Click here to watch the video

I Can Barely Breathe by Manchester Orchestra

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Twitter chatter:

  1. H3lpIm4live (Ƙἐƪṡ♥) | 26 mins ago
    Manchester orchestra >>
  2. dakotanicole_ (dakota nicole sachs) | 46 mins ago
    RT @carly_jeanne: I love Manchester Orchestra
  3. riskifaujiansya (Faujianssyah) | 52 mins ago
    RT @primitifstore: Masih tersedia di YearEndSale kami CD dari Manchester Orchestra, Melt Banana, MouthOfTheArchitect, Nirvana, NUFAN, et ...
  4. PriixNietzsche (∞PriixNeshwVMNSK♥) | 53 mins ago
    #20SongsThatILike 13) Alice and Interiors ~ Manchester Orchestra
  5. carly_jeanne (carly) | 57 mins ago
    I love Manchester Orchestra
  6. loganwells19 (Logan Wells) | 1 hour ago
    Manchester Orchestra is my baby.
  7. EthanYDG (Ethan Cook) | 2 hours ago
    #20SongsThatILike 1) Anything from Manchester Orchestra.
  8. idmahglaalat (تالة Tala AlGhamdi) | 2 hours ago
    @hannahf__ do you know a band called manchester orchestra?? Also, free Monday?
  9. kloibel (Katie Loibel) | 2 hours ago
    okay why do they keep playing Manchester Orchestra music ❤
  10. KershieKiss (Christina Kershaw) | 2 hours ago
    Jamming to Manchester Orchestra on my drive back. Finally blasting music in the car again !n

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