7 April 2009 @ 8:40Ice Invaders

What Space Invaders fan wouldn’t want their ice, not in cube form, but instead in the form of their greatest nemeses — Space Invaders!

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Ice Invaders

Ice Invaders

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Twitter chatter:

  1. LegionLivesHere (☜☆☞Legion☜☆☞) | 8 mins ago
    playing old school space invaders with my dad
  2. janfsauer (janfsauer) | 19 mins ago
    Improving my space invaders skill at Groundworklabs
  3. richbrown (Rich Brown) | 22 mins ago
    I'm gonna move on to something more modern soon, like Space Invaders or Qbert. #gamer
  4. Croc1997 (Croc97) | 37 mins ago
    Mi è piaciuto un video di @YouTube da @lewis071: http://t.co/JG2Alv4Q Building A Space Invaders Themed Arcade Cabinet In Trimble
  5. madmup (MadMup) | 43 mins ago
    @TheBon I've been wearing my one-of-a-kind Space Invaders knitted hat a bunch lately and have been bragging on you!
  6. _MaaaaaaY_ (MaaY ☕) | 49 mins ago
    My verdict on the Space Invaders case - look cool, doesn't feel protected enough ** #sucks
  7. Lou_BodyInk (Tattooed❤Lou) | 51 mins ago
    @jonnypops1 space invaders was my fav
  8. ZombiesandShips (Janina Rockenroll) | 51 mins ago
    @DTDHGMetal Edit: Dear mail person, I'm just really excited for my Space Invaders tea mug! Please deliver it soon!
  9. assistedLiGuide (Assisted Living) | 54 mins ago
    Space Invaders Taito Astronaut Video Game T-Shirt Tee http://t.co/9h3ij5yJ
  10. c4ncersticks_ (tingle) | 54 mins ago
    This Christmas I've bought a Flash Gordon top a batman top a deaf Havana jumper and top two inverted cross tops and a space invaders top win

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