10 April 2009 @ 10:05ArcAttack performs Doctor Who theme

Tesla coils are cool, but even more so when they sing.

Austin’s own ArcAttack plays Texas Rockfest during SXSW. ArcAttack uses a MiKo to power two self-built Tesla coils, that produce “singing lightning bolts” which require no speakers. ArcAttack controls the coils through MIDI, as well as a full drum set controlled by robotic mechanisms. ArcAttack are taking their MiKo on a European tour this summer, 2009. For more information on ArcAttack, visit their website at www.arcattack.com.

Click here to watch the video


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  3. RA9h10m20sD1416 (Richard Rader ) | 34 mins ago
    Shungite stone your obolix a tesla coil I made and the orgonite I have tested and give off a electrical charge Orgone Energy @TerapiaClark
  4. DinoDakin (tom dakin) | 37 mins ago
    reading the comments on a youtube vid with a tesla coil playing the ghostbusters song and one said "zues is affraid" LOL
  5. Bloomability47 (Beth Hall) | 1 hour ago
    On my way home from Liverpool. Bought more books (what a surprise!) and mucked about with tesla coils, awesome day.
  6. Aeuropecruise (Andres Croxton) | 2 hours ago
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  9. czechmoney (carrie) | 2 hours ago
    RT @cambridgechron: MIT: Students offer easy access to Tesla coils @MITnews http://t.co/7xLYenR5
  10. whatterz (Simon Whatley) | 3 hours ago
    OneTesla - A DIY kit for a solid-state Tesla coil that plays music and shoots 2' long sparks! http://t.co/kW9HNU8X and http://t.co/Bex71k3u

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