10 April 2009 @ 13:55Scarface Megatron – shirt

Who doesn’t recognize the iconic Scarface movie poster? Have you ever thought to yourself, “There’s only one thing remaining that could turn that into the perfect design. Replace Al Pacino with Megatron!” Check out this awesome Scarface Megatron shirt.


Scarface Megatron shirt

Scarface Megatron shirt

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Twitter chatter:

  1. MsTaylor69 (ReDD RoZAYYY) | 1 min ago
    Watching Transformers Dark of the Moon. I'm confused as of how the Autobots regenerate bullets for their... http://t.co/jAq5mwTz
  2. WizardKellyTHC (malcolm the human.) | 1 min ago
    if i were megatron id done off starscream the first time he snaked me.
  3. Josetxolluk (Joselluuch) | 1 min ago
    @IgnacioFire La de esa peli es.. Impresionante, si se van mejorando la de Transformers 4, va a ser descomunal!
  4. fxkinlovee (Modern Monroe ) | 1 min ago
    So no one from the original cast of the first three #transformers will be returning. #WTF is this #fuckery!
  5. hlpleasurecoach (The Pleasure Coach) | 1 min ago
    A submissives journey - Sensory Deprivation (BDSM) via Sunny Megatron http://t.co/lQXQOdhj
  6. BornWitaCharm (Sleepy Brown) | 1 min ago
    Transformers Prime is really a sick ass show
  7. Ulysses0791 (Ulysses ) | 1 min ago
    @bruixeta33 sí, murió en la segunda de Transformers.
  8. NiiiiiicholaS (Nicholas Foleta) | 1 min ago
    To sick to do anything, so it's BO2, Ted, and Transformers 3 all day.
  9. luis20978 (luis sanchez ) | 1 min ago
    Si CAR es auto y MEN es hombre ?? entonces mi tia CARMEN es un transformers o.O !!!!
  10. Irregularcog (irregularcog) | 2 mins ago
    @Brentosaur hey any update on the $5 transformers?

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