20 April 2009 @ 13:18Grafica Fidalga

Brazilian printer Grafica Fidalga still uses a 1929 German letterpress with hand-carved wooden letters to make their posters.

Click here to watch the video

Grafica Fidalga

[via Cool Hunting]

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  1. twigenstein (Amy Tegge) | 1 min ago
  2. alsophil (Phil Zelnar) | 1 min ago
    Letterpress wins again. Thanks Joe. http://t.co/7fjk77kN
  3. JuliaCoyner (Julia C. Robinson) | 5 mins ago
    @jimsligh your post arrived. we loved it. now off to get a letterpress to respond, or should i write in quill? do i have to buy a goose?
  4. typography247 (typography247) | 5 mins ago
    Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Savages Letterpress/Typography Posters": Check out new... http://t.co/RtXQr0OP #typography
  5. hexabytes (krebo klone) | 6 mins ago
    #kaskus | Undangan Pernikahan Letterpress Gratis, Ada Yang Mau? http://t.co/9NkP4rqA @_krebo
  6. MIZ_Holt (Kyle Holt) | 7 mins ago
    Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Savages Letterpress/Typography Posters"
  7. ericfolco (Eric) | 9 mins ago
    Hundreds game is the new iOS bomb after Letterpress!! The new must have! @notpatrick #iOS http://t.co/lsTSn8nS
  8. DocParson (Taelon ©) | 13 mins ago
    Somebody play with me! #Letterpress
  9. MrChase (Zac Chase) | 15 mins ago
    @martylstevens Wordpress or Letterpress?
  10. Salvagenation (Vanessa Pope ) | 15 mins ago
    New in Shop Today Vintage Letterpress Sign Cardstock Letterpress Sign No Admittance Keep Out by SalvageNation:... http://t.co/lTcKswQx

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