5 May 2009 @ 9:23Street Fighter MLB – shirt

Here is a new t-shirt design by Warren Hart for all you Street Fighter fans. Ryu is depicted throwing a hadoken in the style of the MLB logo. Very nice, Warren.


Street Fighter MLB - shirt

Street Fighter MLB - shirt

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  1. Leroypetrovic (Leroy 'AFC' Petrovic) | 1 min ago
    RT @DeLaZorro: Your son tells you he wants to be a makeup artist...which do you employ first....the hadoken or the shryuken...?
  2. JessicaVieira75 (Jessykinhaaa Vieira ) | 1 min ago
    jogando Street Fighter 2 credooo so mt ruim kkkk
  3. SSF4Game (SuperStreetFighter 4) | 2 mins ago
    Amazing Fights » Blog Archive » This is Montreal Street Fighter.
  4. JCRenna (Jay) | 3 mins ago
    @ahhitsVinnie I like when they train Charlie to become an unground street fighter and he takes steroids. FUNNY!
  5. homekaden (homekaden) | 3 mins ago
    PS Vita専用ソフトウェア STREET FIGHTER X 鉄拳 VLJM-35011価格:4,490円(税込)ソニーストア http://t.co/OyGCUvYo 格闘ゲーム史上最大の“祭”第2章が開宴!
  6. DeLaZorro (Tony Tony Chopper) | 3 mins ago
    Your son tells you he wants to be a makeup artist...which do you employ first....the hadoken or the shryuken...?
  7. Dragonzigg (Martin Siggers) | 4 mins ago
    @Aquagaze @kiddtic This is me and the Street Fighter movie all over.
  8. darlinNickiYAYO (something u 4got) | 4 mins ago
    RT @RayHunna: These niggas always talkin about some damn 2k, cus they can't fade a real nigga in call of duty, tekken, street fighter, etc.
  9. ibakerboi (Bake Lion ) | 5 mins ago
    RT @StreetFightHub: 'Street Fighter X Tekken' X... Bayonetta? http://t.co/kTwpZxfo
  10. Bobbycressey (Bobby Cressey) | 5 mins ago
    Today I go back into the lab to come up with new songs to play for the @Padres this season. Today I am thinking Street Fighter II Medley.


  1. jeremy | 05 May 2009 @ 9:30 #

    awesome… looks like they used the SSF2:THDR version of Ryu as their inspiration. Also, the fireball/baseball is a clever idea.

  2. Anonymous | 06 Jul 2009 @ 16:34 #

    That logo is a rip. It was made by TheWarlock on 2DF Freeplay during the proposed Major League Street Fighter tourney. Don’t buy that shirt.

  3. Jon | 06 Jul 2009 @ 17:14 #

    To the previous commenter, yes there are similar logos here, but I cannot say which came first.

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