6 May 2009 @ 15:15Kindle DX

Amazon’s new Kindle DX features a larger 9.7″ e-ink display with the ability to rotate for for viewing in portrait or landscape modes. It more than doubles the storage of the regular Kindle allowing for storage of about 3,500 books. The Kindle DX also features a native PDF reader so you no longer have to convert your PDF’s in order to view them. The Kindle DX includes the following features as well: 3G Wireless, Books in Under 60 Seconds, Text-to-Speech, and Whispersync.

The Kindle DX will ship this summer, so go ahead and pre-order yours.


Amazon Kindle DX

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  1. PandoraQQ (PandoraQQ) | 1 min ago
    天使の囀り (角川ホラー文庫): 貴志 祐介 酒井 和男 http://t.co/QlnaCXKu #Amazon #Kindle 199 位 2013-01-03 00:36
  2. farconQ (farconQ) | 1 min ago
    日本一わかりやすい簿記の授業 (中経出版): 市川 利夫 http://t.co/P8g5dvhj #Amazon #Kindle 519 位 2013-01-04 00:17
  3. delirians (Pablo ) | 1 min ago
    @maserna HOYGA Usted ¿el Kindle merece tanto la pena? Porque estoy pensando en comprarme el de 80€
  4. GroundQ (GroundQ) | 1 min ago
    金持ちになる男、貧乏になる男: スティーブ・シーボルド 弓場 隆 http://t.co/MGkIFxKa #Amazon #Kindle 12 位 2013-01-04 00:17
  5. elliemaexo (ell♥.) | 1 min ago
    really want a kindle fire
  6. PandoraQQ (PandoraQQ) | 1 min ago
    昭和史(下): 中村 隆英 http://t.co/2xqBVc4D #Amazon #Kindle 330 位 2013-01-03 00:24
  7. farconQ (farconQ) | 1 min ago
    大人のほうが てこずる算数 1日1問: 有田 八州穂 http://t.co/d5Wndojo #Amazon #Kindle 162 位 2013-01-03 00:25
  8. MichaelKRose (Michael K. Rose) | 1 min ago
    WIN BIG with our Kindle Holiday Giveaway! http://t.co/qEprziqV via @Kindlbookreview
  9. LisaShipman2 (Lisa Shipman) | 1 min ago
    RT @R_K_Lewis: In need of a stiff drink? How about a Special Brew? Cheeky read FREE on Kindle today! http://t.co/VlkLVH6D #BYNR http:/ ...
  10. JohnBetcher (John Betcher) | 1 min ago
    RT @melissagmcphail: Have a new Kindle? Half-Price special! Closed Doors, a Trilogy @RichWeatherly43 http://t.co/7dxzx1n9 @amazon #thril ...

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